A hair transplant procedure allows a doctor to transfer healthy hair on your scalp to parts with thinning hair or bald region.  Both men and women of all races are ideal candidates for the hair transplant procedure. Information can be found here.

What You Need to Qualify for a Hair Transplant

To be considered an ideal candidate for a hair transplant, you need to have:

  • Sufficient healthy hair on the scalp that will be transplanted to the parts that require hair
  • The capability to grow hair on the thinning parts of the scalp

During the free consultation with our dermatologist, you can find out if you qualify for the procedure. The professional will give you a thorough scalp examination.

To know why you suffer from hair loss, you might also need a blood test. The test will check for things happening in your body that might be leading to hair loss. Some people need a process known as a scalp biopsy. The dermatologist will easily and quickly take what is required for the scalp biopsy during the consultation.

If the tests and exam indicate that you are an ideal candidate for the procedure, the professional will tell you the outcome to expect.  See here for information about What is Hair Transplant.

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