If you are searching for a permanent solution to your hair loss, you might want to contact us at Gerow Hair Ink for a hair transplant. 

Currently, it is possible to get natural-looking results thanks to the new advancement. Surgeons can now transplant healthy hair to treat your hair loss or baldness. This eradicates the unnatural doll-like hair that people used in the 70s and 80s. In those days, sections of hair known as hair plugs were fixed in the thinning section. With time, the hair plugs become noticeable. Advancement in creating the hairline and putting the hair in the thinning regions also assist in creating a natural-looking outcome. 

Thanks to these improvements, the outcome can look natural such that a stylist or barber can’t tell you to have a hair transplant.  Learn more here.

The Results will Depend on the Doctor you Choose

Even though these improvements are offering patients natural-looking results, the outcome will depend on the doctor you choose. You need to select a surgeon who knows hair loss and performs the procedure regularly. A dermatologist specializes in treating things that affect your hair, skin and nails. Therefore, they are knowledgeable about hair loss. Our dermatologists at Gerow Hair Ink are experienced in performing hair transplants and can tell you if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.  Learn more about Methods Used Hair Transplant.

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