Hair transplant is a treatment process that transplants healthy hair from one area to another. The procedure is performed to add more hair to a part on your head that might be balding or thinning. It’s performed by removing hair from thick parts of your scalp or other parts of your body and putting it to the balding section or thinning part of the scalp. New York, NY can be seen here.

What Happens During the Procedure?

You can anticipate a hair transplant procedure to take between 4 – 8 hours. If you’re having a huge amount of hair transplanted, you might need to come back to the clinic for more hours the following day.  The majority of people stay awake during the whole process and require anesthesia to make the scalp numb. However, some patients might take a mild sedative to make them relax.

The hair transplant procedure begins with a dermatologist from Gerow Hair Ink extracting the healthy hair. To offer you natural-looking results, the dermatologist might extract the healthy hair by extracting individual hairs or cutting a strip of your skin with hairs from the scalp. Before the doctor starts transplanting the hair, professionals must prepare the removed hair, and the surgeon must prepare your scalp for the process. 

Based on the amount of hair to be transplanted by two or three professionals might help place the hair into the parts that need new hair.  Click here to read about Who is an Ideal Candidate for Hair Transplant.

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