Hair transplant procedure is a careful technique that moves healthy hair follicles from the scalp to the thinning or bald region. Here are the benefits of this process. More facts can be seen here.


One of the scientific benefits of the hair transplant procedure is that the hair that is grafted will grow uniformly and will remain intact for a long period. The method guarantees that the general follicular distribution doesn’t change. Learn more about Reasons to Choose Hair Transplant Procedure.

Offers Natural Hair

Hair transplant satirists the appearance of natural hair. The surgeon uses some follicle grafts containing few hairs. Professionals will then strategically put the small grafts on the affected area to attain natural hair.

Simple Procedure

The procedure is conducted under mild anesthesia.  This means the treatment is safe. Furthermore, if people haven’t undergone numerous graft procedures, the treatment won’t lead to serious complications.


Once the procedure is complete, a patient doesn’t have to go to another treatment to renew the hair. The hair transplanted will continue growing for its whole lifespan. Call us or visit our clinic at Gerow Hair Ink for more details.

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