Scalp Micropigmentation which is also known as SMP is sometimes referred to as a hair tattoo. But trust me on this; SMP is more than a hair tattoo.  It is a life-changing hair loss treatment. It is a very well known non-surgical procedure that is done for the treatment of hair loss. During this procedure, natural pigments are applied within the scalp. These natural pigments are applied in a way that they replicate a natural shaved head. You would find it very difficult to differentiate it from a hair follicle. Click here for facts about New York, NY.

Micropigmentation is a very popular cosmetic procedure that can be used by both men and women. This procedure is usually carried out by professionals who are well skilled in the science of SMP. These professionals make use of an electric tattoo device to place dots on the scalp that needs the SMP procedure to be carried out on. The purpose of this cosmetic procedure is to help create an illusion of a fuller shadow on the head. These dots are usually used to cover up scars gotten from hair transplants or hair loss due to age, genetics, or illness. This procedure is very safe and relatively painless. It can also last for a long period. Read about Tips on Picking the Best SMP Artist here.

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