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If the answer is yes, then receiving both the proper amount of training and a certification from Jonathan Gerow and Erik Roberto, both of whom are considered the leading scalp micropigmentation practitioners in the world!

Being good just doesn’t cut it anymore. To be truly successful and become the world class technician you know you can be, accept nothing less than the very best training experience with Jonathan Gerow and our team.


Getting certified by Gerow Academy is perfect for Medical Spas, Hair Salons/Stylists, Barbers, Plastic Surgeons, Makeup Artists as well as Permanent Makeup Artists, Tattoo Artists, Microblading Practioners, PMU Artists, Beauticians, Licensed Estheticians, Professionals in the Medical Industry, Scalp Micropigmentation Artists, and more!



Scalp micropigmentation is the fastest growing solution in the history of hair loss prevention, from thinning hair and male pattern baldness to scarring and alopecia scalp micropigmentation is the only solution that provides results. In just the last eight years the industry has grown from zero to 1000+ technicians worldwide, with more than 120,000 men and women now thought to have had the procedure, the industry is expanding at an unprecedented pace.


Dealing with hair loss isn’t easy. Every year, an estimated $4.5 billion is spent on all manner of hair loss remedies – from pills and potions to shake-on fibers and hair systems. Such is the anxiety associated with going bald that many men turn to drastic measures like hair transplant surgery and scalp reductions, to maintain a more youthful appearance.

Thousands of men and women every year choose scalp micropigmentation, because it provides the appearance of a full head of hair, and a release from the anxiety of hair loss, without any of the drawbacks of traditional solutions.

Scalp micropigmentation is non-invasive, requires no surgery or drugs, very little ongoing cost or maintenance, and is the only permanent solution that provides 100% guaranteed results, not to mention it being a viable cost-effective add-on service for clinics that offer permanent makeup services, microblading and other cosmetic treatment options.

Scalp Micropigmentation Training

    Training with the Worlds Leading Practioners:

    You can find huge success as a scalp micropigmentation practitioner, however, to do so you must have a solid reputation. Your reputation is decided by the quality of your work, and your results are determined by the standard of training you receive.

    Jonathan Gerow, named after our Founder and Master Technician, is the world’s most successful scalp micropigmentation clinic. We treat more clients than anyone else, have more experience than any other clinic, produce what we consider to be the very finest hair replications, and offer the most prestigious location on Times Square, in the heart of New York City.

    As a trainee you will be put through your paces throughout our highly intensive learning program, enabling you to master the core skills required to perform high quality scalp micropigmentation procedures. Jonathan will teach you the same techniques he has used to build his stellar reputation as the world’s finest practitioner.

    Far beyond standard procedures, you will learn how to create the most natural hairlines, how to blend the pigmented areas seamlessly with the clients’ real hair, and how to create perfect replications that are indistinguishable from actual follicles.


    Our 5-day training course takes place at our Manhattan, New York clinic and is headed by Jonathan Gerow himself, and facilitated by our team of skilled training assistants and technicians. Class sizes are strictly limited to 6 trainees so as to ensure that all trainees receive the most hands-on education as possible.

    Please note that our courses are usually sold out several months in advance, so book early to secure the next available place


    Our world renowned training, hands-on workshops, coaching and ongoing support is designed to learn, master and effectively run a scalp micropigmentation business, some skills you can expect to learn:

    • SMP Simulation
    • Designing hair lines
    • Color Theory & Mixing
    • How To Perform Consultations
    • Understanding How To Utilize Conventional Marketing Tools
    • Work On Live Models
    • Work On Scars & FUE Treatments


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