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About Us


Gerow Hair Ink was founded with the goal of making scalp micropigmentation the preeminent solution to all forms of hair loss, a lofty goal to be sure, one that we knew that it wouldn’t be easy.

This is especially true with out a team of like-minded professionals that were both skilled and truly passionate about helping people.


Our team has nearly two decades of experience with 11,000+ satisfied clients from across the globe.
Juan Collado
Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioner & Training Coordinator, New York, NY

Juan Collado, is the Scalp Micropigmentation Training Coordinator at Gerow Hair Ink. Initially a banker by trade, he began his Scalp Micropigmentation journey in Toronto, Canada in 2016...

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Chris Lopez
Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioner at Gerow Hair Ink, New York, NY

Chris Lopez is a seasoned scalp micropigmentation practitioner with several thousand completed treatments. Like many in the SMP industry, he began his journey after experiencing hair loss first hand...

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Erik Roberto
CEO - Founder

Erik Roberto is New York state’s top source for men’s grooming needs, a role that he has proudly held for the better part...

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Jonathan Gerow
CEO - Founder

Jonathan Gerow is a highly accomplished SMP expert who is renowned for offering advanced Micro pigmentation techniques.

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