The procedure of balding and hair loss in men has always deliberated a normal sighting. The process happens because of the DHT hormones and genetic aspects. The male pattern baldness indicates its existences once the hairline recedes and visibility of the scalp increases. This makes that part of becoming bald. In ladies, baldness happens due to the hormonal changes in them, and this might lead to thinning of hair in the entire head. New York, NY information can be seen at this link.

The Procedure of Hair Transplant

The process of hair transplant from Gerow Hair Ink is provided for many reasons like restoring the lost hair. The process is also offered if the hair loss is caused by an accident, a burn or any kind of illness on the scale. 

The hair transplant procedures occur when the doctors thoroughly clean the scalp and inject some anesthesia to the area on the patient’s scalp to numb it. Then, the surgeon will extract healthy hair from the scalp. The hair is prepared and then implanted to the bald areas to promote a sufficient number of hair growth. 

Are you looking for the best beauty clinic for your hair transplant? Then look no further since Gerow Hair Ink is here for you. We will help you restore your confidence by treating your baldness.  Discover facts about Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery.

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