Hair loss or baldness is a common issue that affects both men and women. Numerous factors cause it. Even though some factors tend to last temporarily, some of them can’t be reversed and might lead to permanent hair loss. See more here.

Pros of Hair Transplant

Aesthetic Transformation

The primary advantage of hair transplant is the aesthetic transformation that a person gets with completion of the procedure. It offers a youthful look and improves self-confidence in business and social business interactions. See here for information about The Significance of Hair Transplant in Women and Men.

Enhanced Self-Esteem

Premature hairs loss is a devastating experience for most people, and this breaks their confidence. The decision to get back a youthful appearance, especially when the symptoms of ageing come prematurely improves your perception about life.

Cons of Hair Transplant


One of the common cons of the procedure is that it’s costly. Hair transplant procedures are costly and can be financially unviable. It’s essential to attempt the cheap treatments like integrating lifestyle and diet changes. There are some effective treatments like alopecia liquid that people can try before thinking that natural hair growth is hard to achieve. Call us at Gerow Hair Ink for guidance and more information about hair loss and transplant.  

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