Spend Quality Time at Central Park NYC

Located at the CBD, the Central Park welcomes many visitors every day. People can spend more than 2 hours in this park having fun in various ways. Central Park is a must-visit place when traveling to New York. While its construction started in 1857, it was established in 1963 and later opened to the locals.

Enjoy the Large Space of Green Surrounding

The park sits on 843 acres of land between the upper east part and upper west side of New York. It has many walking trails, ball fields, carousels, and a zoo. You can walk through the park as you participate in games with locals, such as reservoirs and boat riding. More can be found here.

Eat Some Delicious Meals

The Central Park is a great place to visit, particularly enjoying your holiday, and you want some delicious to fill your stomach. While it doesn’t have eateries, the central park has the best team that is ready to serve ready-made meals like hotdogs and burgers. Learn more about Military Bases in the City of New York you Need to Know. 


Perfect Choice for Children

Families can have a blast once they visit the park. If you have kids and pets and you want a place to rest as they play, then the central park is the best place to be.

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