How Long Will the New Look Take

For people who prefer to look gorgeous all the time, this is a significant concern. An assurance of longevity and value for money go hand in hand. In this regard, it is worth noting that Scalp micro pigmentation lasts more and more years than you can ever imagine. However, to realize this, as the patient with Gerow Hair Ink, you must do your part in making the process last longer as possible. New York, NY  can be seen here.

Attend Touch-Up Sessions

A functional Scalp micro pigmentation does not end on your first day of the treatment. Since there is an assurance of longevity ranging between 3-6 years, you must always check-up with your practitioner. In some cases, you might end up visiting as soon as after a few days. However, for a perfect treatment, you can begin visiting after the third year or so. Discover facts about Female Baldness Treatment. 

Take Care of Your Treatment

Not forgetting your situation, you do not want to go back to a life without hair. So it will be upon yourself to do the best in taking care of the treatment. Always try to avoid the sun immediately after surgery, the same as after the healing process. Moisturized surfaces should be your enemy as well but with limits, though.

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