Scalp micropigmenation (SMP) touch-ups and reparations are something we hope that you never need. However, there are SMP practitioners out there that will not quite measure up to your expectations. If you have received SMP treatment that hasn’t stood the test of time, you may be in need of a touch-up treatment or reparation.


Since scalp micropigmentation is only as good as the practitioner performing the procedure, we highly recommended that you do your research, search for references and ask if they are happy with their treatment. More often than not, we have individuals come to our office seeking help as they went to a provider for scalp micropigmentation and received less than satisfactory results. Now, there could be many reasons as to why your treatment was not what you expected, for instance, the chosen pigment may be been incorrect. At Gerow Hair Ink, we use our own proprietary all-organic pigment in our procedures. It works so well that it is currently being used by hundreds of other SMP practitioners around the world. Additionally, the spacing and depth of the impressions could have been incorrect, often resulting in ‘blotching’ or pooling of pigment.

Even when the procedure is done correctly, an individual may choose to change their hair color or, if they have not followed the specific care instructions, they may have experienced fading. And on rare occasion, some individuals have been known to reject the ink because the body sees it as a foreign body to be dealt with and eliminated. If this happens, you may need to get a quick touch-up.

Even in the case of ink rejection, our technicians know exactly what to do and what levels of ink to use. We have caring, professional and highly skilled staff that is well versed regarding all the applications of smp but also touch-ups and reparations as well.

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