Unfortunately, not all scalp micropigmentation practitioners and clinics are not created equally, as such, if you find your self a victim of a less than satisfactory scalp micropigmentation procedure, you may need to undergo smp reparation. What most of these less practiced practitioners/clinics fail to realize is that it hundreds of hours to become skilled and a true specialist in this field. At Gerow Hair Ink, our practitioners are pioners in the industry with nearly ten years of experience and over 6500 satisfied clients. We pride ourselves in providing an enviornment where you feel comfortable, our facilties are clean, your sessions are private, and you’ll be treated with professionalism. Throughout your treatment, you can rest assured that you will recieve world class care by our practitioners utilizing the most advanced technologies and proprietary techniques to ensure that you never have to go through an smp reparation procedure again.


Since scalp micropigmentation is only as good as the practitioner performing the procedure, we highly recommended that you do your research, search for references and ask if they are happy with their treatment. More often than not, we have individuals come to our office seeking help as they went to a provider for scalp micropigmentation and received less than satisfactory results. When we provide consultations we often try to see if we can work around the previous providers mistakes so as to not have to send the client to have it removed via laser as it is a very painful experience.

Now, there could be many reasons as to why your treatment was not what you expected, for instance, the chosen pigment may be been incorrect. At Gerow Hair Ink, we use our own proprietary all-organic pigment in our procedures. It works so well that it is currently being used by hundreds of other SMP practitioners around the world. Additionally, the spacing and depth of the impressions could have been incorrect, often resulting in ‘blotching’ or pooling of pigment.

It could be that the chosen pigment used was incorrect. Possibly it was applied with incorrect spacing or at an incorrect depth. Whatever the case, what was supposed to be natural looking camouflage for hair loss has now become a walking advertisement for faulty workmanship.


In most cases, our industry leading practitioners will attempt to work around the previous providers procedure however, in the case where that can not be done, we will recommend laser removal. While laser removal may be painful it will allow our practitioners to provide you with the very best scalp micropigmentation treatment. Our practitioners have helped over 6500 individuals with their various hair loss problems, and so if you are looking for a provider thats trusted, proven and professional to assist you with your scalp micropigmentation reparation, look no further.

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