Hair loss or thinning of hair is not unique only to men, on the contrary, it also is common amongst women as well. Our practitioners are experts when it comes to creating a subtle natural look that addresses their specific needs. Scalp Micropigmentation for women is ideal for women who are suffering from hair thinning across the top of their scalp. Our practitioners have successfully treated dozens of women suffering from Alopecia and post-surgery scars by utilizing our camouflage technique in order to create by smooth transition between the hairline and scalp.


Scalp micropigmentation is also ideal for women with long hair. Whether you’ve suffered from massive hair loss due to surgery, menopause/stress, hereditary issues and/or severe illness, this procedure will provide you with outstanding results.


We pride ourselves in providing each and every client a unique and custom-tailored consultation process. Before we begin treatment we match your natural or desired hair color in order to create a indistinguishable three dimensional appearance, we then begin by layering ink impressions in the areas affected with baldness. The number of sessions a client would need varies but generally, a client would require two-three sessions.

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