Camouflaging the Scar 

In the past, hair transplant was the only proven means of hair restoration. However, today the application of SMP treatment to conceal scars has come a long way to help victims. There are a lot of factors that can make you have a scar on your head. While in most cases they occur as a result of accidents, others can occur naturally. Regardless of the situation, there is an assurance of hair restoration using Scalp micro pigmentation procure. More can be found here.

Scar SMP procedure

The process of healing a scar involves the depositing of pigments into the scar region. Our Gerow Hair Ink experts work precisely to blend it into the surrounding hair. However, the process does not guarantee a 100 % success rate. This is because of the varying texture of scars, the injury’s location, and its general aggression. The color amalgamation of the treated area and surrounding hair is an absolute assurance, though. Read about The SMP Treatment Process here.

The Risks

Of all the hair restoration processes, scar concealment can be the hardest and the most sensitive. With this, the practitioner must take acute care while handling the patient. Not forgetting that working on a scar is risky depending on the area, freshness, and size of the injury.

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