Types of Procedures

Just like in any other field, SMP has its procedures. With this, patients have a whole list of methods to choose from at Gerow Hair Ink. The techniques largely depend on a client’s specific desire. However, it is essential to note that it would be best if your practitioner assisted you in choosing. More can be found here.

Soft Hairline and Widowed Peak

The procedure is recommended mainly for individuals who need their existing hairline brought forward. It works to increase the density of the patient’s hair. With the use of the right technique, the process adds a fantastic impression of a natural hairline. Learn more about Qualities of a Distinguished SMP Practitioner.

Adding Volume to Thin Air

If you have thin air, this procedure works perfectly to give you a solution. Practitioners treat the front airline by adding some density to it. Progressively, they work on the rest of the scalp, ensuring every inch with a thin feel gets a high dose of the treat. The resulting appearance gives an impressive natural look.

The Edge Up

This particular process applies to every kind of hair loss, such as thinning, balding, scars, and other types of hair loss. The step is a conservative technique to ensure an undistinguishable look between the treat and the original hair color. There are different types of this procedure, and the practitioners will advise you as need be.

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