Everything that has an advantage will have a disadvantage. Just like every other hair treatment, scalp micropigmentation has its advantages and disadvantages. You must get acquainted with the pros and cons of SMP before you make any form of decision. More can be found here.

Pros of SMP

Scalp micropigmentation is a cheaper option for hair loss treatment compared to some other hair restoration. For example, hair transplant cost ranges from $10,000 upwards while an SMP treatment will cost around $3,000. The difference in prices makes SMP a better option for people on a budget.

It is a non-invasive procedure. This fact about SMP is one of the reasons why it became a popular option. It is a very quick procedure that doesn’t require so much time for healing; neither does it require a surgical procedure. Visit more about Is SMP Safe.

Cons of SMP

It can only be done in areas where they are short hairs or no hairs at all, if it is done in areas with longer hair, it might be noticeable.

Scalp micropigmentation doesn’t feel like hair. It is just an illusion of hair. You are likely to still feel the same way as a bald hair. So if you want actual hair, SMP is not the procedure for you. Instead, you can try a hair transplant procedure. 

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