Military Bases in the City of New York you Need to Know

New York City has numerous military bases. They include fort drum, fort Hamilton, Watervliet arsenal, Saratoga springs NSU, and US military academy.

US Military Academy

Situated in the southeastern part of New York and built in 1794, the US Military academy army base has many students who are on training. It features historical buildings that were constructed hundreds of years ago. Further facts about New York, NY can be found here.

Watervliet Arsenal Army Base

Built in 1812, the Watervliet Arsenal Army Base is governed by the US army in the city of New York on the shores of River Hudson. There is also a local museum for the public. Information about The Most Exciting Events in the City of New York can be found here.

Fort Hamilton Army Base

Its construction started in 1825 and continued for six more years. Its goal is to concentrate on the reserve squads and the National Guard in the city of New York.

Fort Drum

It’s situated in Jefferson and the training started in 1908. The base features schools, museums, housing, and child care.

Saratoga Springs NSU Army Base

It’s situated in Saratoga Springs. Its first objective was to train troops who can handle nuclear power.

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