Learn About History at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts

Established in 1874, the metropolitan museum of arts is one of the biggest art museums in the US. It contains almost 2 million artworks. It’s one of the most toured locations, with more than 6 million visitors in 2019. The art featured in the museum comprises classical antiquities, sculptures, and ancient paintings.

Explore Unique Collection

The museum is divided into 17 different departments. Each part features a unique staff of curators and scholars comprising conservation and scientific research departments. It features ancient collections of arts from Asia, Islamic, and African. Click here for facts about New York, NY.

Explore the Library

The museum has two libraries, the Nolen Library and the Thomas J. Watson Library. The Nolen Library is popular for use by the general library with more than 8000 items that include DVDs, novels and videos. However, some books can be obtained online. The Thomas J Watson Library comprises more than 900000 volumes of monographs, over 125,000 auction catalogs and sales, and also 11,000 periodic titles. Click here to read about Head to Fort Totten Army Reserve. 


Special Exhibition

This museum is also a hub of display of artwork from various artists from across the world. These are displayed through special occasions organized in the facility.

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