Head to Fort Totten Army Reserve

Fort Totten was constructed in 1862. It’s in New York on the willet point peninsula.  The reserve was built by the US army corps of engineers utilized for the US army installation until 1974. Currently, Fort Totten is used as a reserve that serves both the servicemen and the public.

Enjoy the Exciting Activities at the Park

Fort Totten was divided into two parts. One part remained as the US army reserve while others served as a public park. You can visit Fort Totten Park for a serene environment away from the noisy streets. Take some snacks and cool off as you enjoy the stunning view of the town. See more here.

Explore fort Totten

While it’s used as the US army reserve, people visiting the facility can learn some history. From its construction, development, and operations were done during that time. See here for information about Best Things to Do in New York. 

Best for Kids and Pets

A park is an ideal place for kids to play and have fun in green fields. Additionally, pets like dogs are welcomed in the park. It offers a chance for family fun events and those with pets.

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