Fun Things to Do in New York

Visiting New York doesn’t have to be done blindly. Ensure you plan for your trip of time to make sure you visit as many places as possible. This means you will have a chance to select the best restaurants, greatest art centers, and events.

Governors Island

You don’t have to travel long distances to feel you have escaped the noisy city. Just a few meters from lower Manhattan lies the Governors Island. The 172-acre island features bike trails, parks, and art exhibitions. It’s a good means to escape the hustle and bustle of the town without going far. Learn more facts here.


The beautiful train station substituted the one that was damaged in 2011 during the terrorist attack. This impressive steel and glass structure is worth a visit since it resembles a dove about to take a flight. Read about Best Places to Visit in New York with Family here.

Wall Street

It’s amazing to wander the most popular streets in the universe and see people in business attire power-walking on the street. Seeing them will allow you to appreciate being on holiday. You will have a chance to see the charging bull and fearless girl statues and also trinity church.

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