Scalp micropigmentation is one of the most popular procedures done to camouflage different kinds of scars.  But before the artist uses SMP to camouflage scars here are some of the factors that are taken into considerations. New York, NY can be seen here.

The Texture of the Scar

The texture of the scar is one of the factors to consider. Before camouflaging a scar with SMP, the artist pays attention to the texture of the to determine the approach to the procedure. A soft scar absorbs pigment faster. Click here to read about Does SMP Grow Hair.

The Color of the Scar

The color of the scar is another factor that is brought into consideration. For an effective camouflage to happen, the color of the scar should be close to the color of the skin that surrounds it. Any scars that still possess any form of redness are going to cause a huge problem.  Hence scars that have the same color as the scalp are more preferred when carrying out procedures like SMP.

The Size of the Scar

This is another factor that is usually considered before an artist carries out SMP treatment. It is an obvious fact that large scars require more work to conceal compared to smaller scars.  Either way, the level of camouflage is not affected by the size of the scar area.


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