Explore the Iconic Statue of Liberty

Situated in Liberty Island Manhattan, the iconic statue of liberty stands tall at about 300 feet from the ground.  This is a great cultural monument built in 1886 and has been designated many times over the decades. The statue welcomes many visitors every year, and you don’t want to miss visiting the place.

Check the Visitor Information Center

The statue of liberty houses a lot of information. So, visit the visitor information center to learn the history behind the statue. You can either watch a documentary about the stature, read brochures, and maps. There are also welcoming staff willing to answer all your questions. Information can be found here.

Head for a Promenade and Observatory Tour

Taking a guided observatory and promenade tour will let you have an up-close with the statue of liberty. This also lets you enjoy the ties it shares with the New York harbor. See here for information about Have an Amazing Outdoor Experience at the Amusement Parks.

Visit the Torch Exhibition

Get more information about the torch held by liberty by visiting the torch exhibition displaying various collections of flame. They include photographs, drawings, diagrams, and drawings. The exhibition is found on the second-floor balcony of the statue.

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