The Extent of the Process’s Pain

Generally, SMP is way less painful as you have ever imagined. If you have been avoiding the process due to pain rumors people attach to it, you might consider changing your mind. However, there is a little pain to it, but it is nothing too severe. In assessing the amount to which the pain accumulates, depends on a lot of factors. Let us take a look at the variables that can lead to different pain-feel. Visit this link for more information.

Pain Threshold

To some people, withholding pain is the least they can ever do. They would rather die than allow a painful infliction in their body. Kids aside, some grown-up men cry when they see a sharp object, it can be more of phobia or any other fear like that. Women also tend to react differently to object inflictions. All the same, SMP is not painful, so take it easy. See here for information about SMP Treatment Durability.

The Area Being Treated

The pain varies also depending on the size of the scalp and the cause of your hair loss. For example, you may need treatment on the hairlines around the back of your neck. That area is generally sensitive, and you must harden up. To add fuel to the situation is when it is a scared area. The pain level differs in that manner. 

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