Get Value for Your Money

The consideration of money payable for scalp micro-pigmentation is as essential as the service offered. As such, it will come to a milestone step if you consider your condition first as a client. That is why at Gerow Hair Ink, the service prices are tailored to meet particular customer needs based on requirements. In doing this, the company works to ensure that everyone gets out of the room with a broad smile. To know how you can pay for your hair loss condition, consider the following. Learn more here.

Treatment Sessions

Treatment sessions for hair loss vary from patient to patient. However, typical treatment usually needs 2-4 sessions in terms of days or hours going up to between 2-3. The hours increase across the board, depending on different factors. Poor skin condition, history of reparations, and scar tissue conditions are some of the extenuating factors that can lead to these. With this, a client must expect varying prices. Read about Result Oriented Scalp Micropigmentation here.

Type of Treatment

Different types of hair loss issues call for various methods. This, in the long run, affects the treatment session. All the same, delicate items which require a longer time will call for higher prices. In contrast, simple issues will only attract a small fee.

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