Best Way to Spend your Free Time in New York City

Maybe you have some extra time to spend in New York, but you don’t know where to visit or do. There are many things to do, whether you visit the town as a group or alone. If you find yourself in this condition, don’t panic since there are many places to visit like:

American Museum of Natural History

Many people love visiting the American museum of natural history situated in the proximity of central park west. Whether you want to explore the interactive exhibits on the sea, outer space, or land, they all have a common theme. The museum is amazing, and also the gift shop and cafeteria make the place worth your visit. Find further facts here.


Why Visit the Place

There are about 32 million artifacts in the museum, available in four city blocks, 25 apartments, and 45 exhibition halls. This means you can’t see everything in one day. Make sure you visit the Rose Center for and Space without forgetting to visit the dinosaurs, the butterfly conservatory, and the hall of the universe. Read about Learn About History at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts here.

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