Best Things to See in New York

New York is the largest city in America that has many things to do and a site to see. If you have enough time to learn and have fun as you create memories, then New York has a lot to offer.

Watch Some Broadway Shows

Mostly situated in a place surrounding Times Square, over three dozen Broadway theaters host the best spectacles in the city. From stage debuts that feature Hollywood celebrities, big-budget musicals, and high minded plays, there is always something for everyone. Find more information here.

Visit the Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is an interesting gathering place in the entire city. Walk around while you are serenaded by a jazz group or someone who managed to bring the piano to the park. There are many fountains, sunbathers, performers, jugglers, and artists. See here for information about Exciting Things to Keep You Busy in New York.

View New York City by Boat

Some of the spectacular sights of New York City are from the sea. There are numerous ways to have a boat ride on a hot day.

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