Best things to do in New York

Finding the best things to do in New York won’t be hard when visiting this great city. New York is full of choices all day long. As you try to visit as many places and see many sites, the most challenging part is choosing where to start.

Empire State Building

Empire state building is one of the recognizable landmarks located in midtown Manhattan that is a must-see. Going on a trip to the perk of the building is a great way to start or end your big apple excursion. When the day is clear, you can view the town’s biggest highlights, whereby some are 1050 feet below. Get a multimedia tour that is available in 8 languages that guide people on the icon’s exhibitions and views with extra background on the history of the building. Clicking here will deliver more on New York, NY.

New York Public Library

This library was initially known as Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. It attracts hundreds of book lovers, architecture aficionados and history junkies. Information about Fun Things to Do in New York can be found here. 

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