When a patient starts to learn about hair transplantation, the first thing he or she needs to know is the type of methods used. While there are many methods, we are going to talk about the benefits of a hair transplant using the FUE method. Which is what Gerow Hair Ink offers. Discover more about New York, NY here.

Minimally Invasive

Because it’s a minor intervention, conducted in a single session and with no strict specific requirements, it’s considered minimally invasive. This means the patient leaves the facility quietly a few hours after the completion of the surgery. Discover facts about What Makes Hair Transplant the Best Solution for Baldness.

Usage of Local Anesthesia 

This kind of anesthesia speeds up recovery and ready walking home and also allows the patient to know how everything took place. 

The Scares are Unnoticeable

When a follicular extraction is done with an accurate scalpel, the incision is minimal. That means that the scar that remains after the surgery will be unnoticeable to the eye. 

Little Hair is Removed

There is great accuracy in the number of units to be removed and grafted such that we don’t lose hair density and spend a lot of time in the process. At Gerow Hair Ink, we will do a professional examination to know what is required and where to get it.

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