A hair transplant is a procedure that entails extracting hair follicles from a donor region on the scalp of a patient and then grafting them to a balding or thinning region. That means that strips of hair follicles or follicle units are extracted and then implanted in the balding or thinning parts.  Here are the benefits of hair transplant procedures. More can be found here.

Improved Appearance

Many people who decide to have a hair transplant will tell you it’s due to their baldness that makes them feel embarrassed and disappointed with how they look. This procedure fills those thinning and balding parts with hair that grows naturally. This will assist them to feel confident and look attractive. Learn more about An Overview of Hair Transplant Procedures.

A Permanent Remedy

There are topical medications and other holistic techniques that might provide help with balding and thinning hair problems. However, a hair transplant process provides hope for those people suffering from thinning and balding parts and also severe hair loss. This is a more permanent and reliable solution.

If you have decided to get a hair transplant, call us at Gerow Hair Ink and our professionals will guide you through.  

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