An Overview of the City of New York

New York City is one of the most populated cities in the US.  This magnificent city is situated south of the state of New York and in the heart of the New York metropolitan area. New York City was first settled in 1624 and was consolidated later in 1896.

Demographics of the City

As 2019 July, the city was estimated to have a population of almost 8.4 million, including immigrants. This includes all ethnicity, races, and religions found in New York. According to statistics done in 2017, the population density of the town was almost 29k occupants per square mile. Recent findings from the Gini Coefficient show that New York City has an improved degree of disparity of 0.5 than another town within the region. Learn more here.

Reasons to Visit New York

New York is one of the areas that comprise numerous fun-filled activities for outdoor and indoor lovers. This includes nature adventures, and sceneries meant for fun. They comprise exploring culture and arts of the town, museums, beaches, children friendly activities and amusement parks. Learn more about How to Spend Your Free Time in New York.

Leadership and Government

The city of New York is a metropolitan municipality that is governed by a mayor. Elections are held after every four years to elect a new mayor with a council comprising 51 members who form a city government.

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