Our goal when we came together and created Gerow Hair Ink was the same as it is today: to increase the mind share of the application of scalp micropigmentation (smp) in addressing all forms of hair loss in both men and women as soon as possible.


To be the world’s leading providers of smp and with over two decades of collective experience and 10,000+ satisfied clients around the world, we are just only getting started.


Gerow Hair Ink: A world where scalp micropigmentation, for both men and women, is the number one option to address all forms of hair loss.

Gerow Hair ink group photo of clients during a photo shoot


Head shot of Erik Roberto, co-founder of Gerow Hair Ink
Erik Roberto
CEO - Founder

Erik Roberto is New York state’s top source for men’s grooming needs, a role that he has proudly held for the better part...

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Jonathan Gerow, co-founder of Gerow Hair Ink
Jonathan Gerow
CEO - Founder

Jonathan Gerow is a highly accomplished SMP expert who is renowned for offering advanced Micro pigmentation techniques.

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